How not to use resolutions. Use this instead

I don’t believe in resolutions.

I’ve explained this a couple of times but in short, resolutions turn out to be lofty goals or promises that don’t have much structure. I have learned through the years that even the most well-intentioned goals or promises mean nothing if not backed up by action.

So I’ve adopted a version of the three words of the year concept, which was originally introduced to me by my friend George Torres. The three words you pick help guide and steer the direction of your year. It impacts decisions and actions.

For me, that seems more authentic than setting goals or making promises.

I’ve adopted and adapted that practice to one word. A one-word theme to aim for and to encourage me to do my best work and be my best person.

I didn’t have one in 2021 because, well, pandemic. It was well understood that the word for 2021 was survival. But even though I just wanted to survive the year, there were new practices that I gained that I wanted to bring into 2022. There were things that I left behind that I wanted to stay in the year. I also have new plans (independent creative) that I wanted to move on. So, with that in mind, there was only one word for the year.


When looking at the meaning of the word (which you should always look up, even if you think you know what the word means), the word is doing some work. It’s an adjective, a noun, and a verb. You can be it, do it, and be described as it.

What a WORD!!! Every definition is everything I want to be and do in the year. My favorite definition is:

moving, tending, or leading toward a position in front

This definition is my favorite and the scariest. Moving to the front means putting things that once scared me front and center. It means taking a chance on something that may not pan out and may just fall flat. It may mean that I may need to be my most vulnerable and I may or may not like what I find. It means I would need to dig deep and find a strength that I’m not sure I have.

Can you tell that I’m scared?

I’m petrified but I’m also curious about what I can accomplish. At this point, I have no plans on what I will publish and when. I don’t know if I’ll complete some long-standing projects or start new ones. I know that I’ll be teaching a noir writing workshop at the end of March which I am developing now. I’ll be offering my magical realism workshop soon. But other than that there are no plans…yet.

Essentially, forward means creating a brand new world based on what worked well from last year. And that process is what 2022 is going to be about.

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Writer, Daughter of immigrants. Caregiver. Writing teacher. Afro-Latina. Mental Health informer. Runner.

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Writer, Daughter of immigrants. Caregiver. Writing teacher. Afro-Latina. Mental Health informer. Runner.

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